Q. Where are you located and how do I get there?

A. Our hunting area is Northwest of Durango. Our base of operation is West of Durango between Mancos and Cortez, Colorado.. From Durango you would take Hwy 160 west to County Road 29 turn North on 29 and go about 2 miles. We are at 11953 Road 28.1, Dolores, CO. The Durango-La Plata County Airport is located about 14 miles southeast of Durango on Hwy172. We are happy to pick you up at the airport or you can catch a ride on the Durango Transit if you are staying in Durango. The Airport is presently served by three airlines: United Express, US Air Ways and Frontier Airlines. Durango Transportation provides shuttle accommodations from the airport to town. Cost is $15.00. Phone number: (970) 259-4818 Guests have the option of staying in a hotel in Durango or in Cortez..We then pick you up at your hotel or you can drive to our home base in Dolores.

Below is a list of hotels that we use:

Durango Lodge- (970) 247-0955 or (888) 440-4489 www.durangolodge.com

Holiday Inn Express (970) 565-6000

ECONO LODGE/ CORTEZ (970) 565-3474

Q. What is the weather like and how should I plan? A. For comfortable travel in southern Colorado's San Juan Mountains at high elevations one must be aware that temperatures and weather conditions can vary considerably. It is important to be able to layer ones clothing to reflect diverse mountain weather. Please note that we have traditionally worn wool clothing as it is warm, even when wet, and quiet. Today's Gortex is also very good but make sure it has a quiet exterior! Everything worn in the field needs to be "whisper" quiet. For a detailed list, please see our Gear List page for recommended personal equipment and clothing you need to bring.

Q. What is included in the hunting trip? A. Horses and mules provided by the Outfitter are the property of Colorado Wilderness Outfitters, LLC. They have been selected for qualities that make them excellent mountain horses. Each Client mount is equipped with a saddle, breast collar, crupper, rifle or archery scabbard, saddlebags and rain slicker. All equipment will be in a well maintained condition. We provide waterproof river drybags for your gear in order to standardize our loads. When packed, your personal gear should include: one dry bag, weighing no more than 30 lbs., one day pack, one extra pair of boots and one sleeping bag. Packing in this manner helps to standardize our loads because everything has to be packed in and out on mules. The Outfitter provides complete camps equipped with tents, cots, sleeping pads, stoves and dining facilities unless otherwise agreed upon. Sleeping bags are not normally provided by the Outfitter. Special arrangements are required if sleeping bags are needed. Three meals will be served for each full day's service, with the exception of breakfast the first day before we pick you up. The meals are prepared to provide more than ample nourishment for vigorous outdoor activity. Quality will be excellent. On the first day, before going up the mountain we take all rifle hunters to the local range, so that they can check their rifles. We have a bow target in camp for archery hunters. Q. How do I book a hunt or make a reservation? A. Once you have decided on one of our trips (please see our itinerary for trip descriptions, dates and rates), you can then contact me at (970) 564-9148 or (970) 739-9861 to book your hunt or make your reservation. We will need 50% of the excursion fee as a deposit for your trip and we do require that you complete the contract, available for download in our Gear List Page on our Web-site or we can mail you one. We accept credit cards for your deposit. The balance of said excursion fee is due prior to departure on the first day of service. A contract and medical information form will need to be completed for each member of your party. Q. How do I get my hunting license and what is the cost? A. All Colorado deer licenses are by drawing only and we are happy to assist you in any way with your application. Archery elk, 2nd Rifle and 3rd Rifle licenses are bought over the counter. Muzzleloader, 1st Rifle and 4th Rifle are by drawing, again we are more than happy to help you with the application process. We have so little hunting pressure in our area because of the rugged terrain and limited access, that you have a very good chance of drawing any of these draw licenses with no preference points. We have left-over tags every year. All draw license will be sent to you via mail in June. Over the counter licenses can be purchased on line or locally before you hunt. All licenses have to be purchased and in your possession before the start of your hunt. The cost of the licenses is listed on our Itinerary Page or on the Colorado DOW web-site, www.wildlife.state.co.us. All licenses fees are the responsibility of the guest. Dow web-site: www.wildlife.state. co.us Q. How is my meat handled and processed? A. When your animal is harvested and after photos, each animal is quartered and bagged in our supplied game bags. This will keep the meat clean and free of insects. Your meat will then be packed off of the mountain to be cooled, frozen or processed, if you so desire, (processed meaning cut and wrapped). If your meat has to be shipped, it will be done in the most economical and efficient way possible. Processing and shipping fees are the responsibility of the client.