Itinerary and Prices

April to June

UTAH CANYON LANDS TRAIL RIDE- Explore ancient Anasazi Indian ruins, photograph awe-inspiring canyon formations that defy description. Deluxe camp, gourmet meals, hot showers, seasoned and knowledgeable guides, excellent mules and horses. $400 per person per day. Up to 8 guests. Suggest 3 to 5-day trips.


SPRING TURKEY - Colorado -One guide per hunter, hunt with Mike, Steve or Dan. Bag limit, one bearded Merriam turkey. $400 per day, includes lunch.

June to Sept.

WEMINUCHE WILDERNESS HORSEBACK TRIPS- Up to 6 guests. Base camp at Emerald lake or on the Pine River for fishing or pass-through trips. Excellent fishing for cutthroat, rainbow and brown trout. In spectacular alpine settings. View elk, mule deer, black bear, moose and bighorn sheep. Recommend 4-6 day trips. Adults $400, under 16 $250 per person per day, minimum 3-day trip. Complete packages, meals and guides.


CONTINENTAL DIVIDE RIDE- From Wolf Creek Pass 100 miles to Silverton, Colorado,Average elevation 11,000 feet. The most incredibly scenic pack trip in the Rockies. A totally unforgettable ride of a lifetime! 6 guests, 3 guides and cook. Eight to nine days, $5,000 per person. Excellent fishing and photo opportunities.


ARCHERY-TIMBERLINE MULE DEER- 8 days, $5,500, Sept.2-Sept. 30. Hunt 180 class and better deer in velvet. Spotting scope and binoculars essential. 1 guide per 2 hunters. Tags by drawing. Lodging and meals included. One of our favorite hunts.


ARCHERY-ELK or MULE DEER with BLACK BEAR option- (Black bear and mule deer tags by drawing, elk tags over the counter.) Full service, 1 guide per 2 hunters, 6 hunters per hunt, pack in horseback. Excellent meals, equipment and elk-talking guides. 8-day trips the norm, with 6 full hunting days. - Sept. 1-8, Sept. 10-17, Sept. 24-Aug.1 $5,500.


MUZZLELOADER- TIMBERLINE MULE DEER- 1 guide per 2 hunters, 7 days, $5,500, Sept. 10-17 Excellent opportunity for an exceptional deer, 180 to 200 class deer. Tags by drawing. Lodging and meals included.


RIFLE-TIMBERLINE MULE DEER-1 guide per 2 hunters, 7 days, Sept. 10- Sept. 17, Hunt 180 class and better deer in velvet. High alpine hunting at it’s best. Spot and stalk. Tags by drawing.$5,500 Lodging and meals included.


MUZZLELOADER – COLORADO ELK AND MULE DEER, BLACK BEAR OPTION - Elk and mule deer tags by drawing. 1 guide per 2 hunters. Pack in horseback. Deluxe camp, meals, excellent bugle hunt, some of our finest trophies are taken during this season! 8-day trip, 6 full days of hunting. $5,500, September 10-17.


BIGHORN SHEEP- Rocky Mountain, units S9, S15, S16, S21, S28 and S29. Rifle or archery. The ultimate hunting experiences of a lifetime. 1 guide per hunter, 8 days, $8,500. Tags by drawing. Lodging and meals included. Near 100% success. Took a Boone & Crocket in 2012.


MOOSE- By drawing, Weminuche Wilderness. One guide and one wrangler per hunter. Pack in and hunt on horseback. Lodging and meals included. Once in a lifetime hunt in Colorado. 8 days. $8,500. Archery- 9/10 to 9/30, Muzzle loader- 9/10 to 9/18, Rifle- 10/1 to 10/14


ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT- Unit G5, Rifle, Muzzle loader or archery. We have had near 100 percent success on this hunt. One guide per hunter, Lodging and meals included. $8,500. Tags by drawing.


1ST RIFLE – Elk only (tags by drawing) & BLACK BEAR- 1 guide per 2 hunters, 6 huntersin camp, 7-day trip, 5 hunting days. Pack in Oct. 14 and out Oct. 20. Lodging and meals included while hunting. $5,500 per hunter.


2ND RIFLE-COMBO ELK AND DEER- ELK tags over the counter, DEER by drawing. Pack in Oct. 28, out Nov. 3. 7-day trip, 5 hunting days, 6 hunters per camp, 1 guide per 2 hunters, Lodging and meals included while hunting. $5,500 per hunter.


3RD RIFLE-COMBO ELK AND DEER- Elk tags over the counter, Deer by drawing, Pack in Nov. 11, out Nov. 17 7-day trip, 5 full days of hunting, 6 hunters per camp, 1 guide per 2 hunters, Lodging and meals included while hunting. $5,500 per hunter. High Country Camp


4TH RIFLE COMBO ELK AND DEER- Nov.22- Nov. 28, Elk and Deer by drawing. Pack in Tuesday out Monday. Lodging and meals included. $5,500 per hunter.

Drop Camps

We have drop camps for every hunting season. Everything you need for a comfortable camp. We supply the camp, you bring the food and personal gear. $2,600 per person


DURANGO TRAIL RIDES- By the day, 2-6 guests, includes trail-side lunch. Price quoted On group size. Ride from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

HORSEBACK FLY FISHING - Ride to great trout destinations, shore lunch, singles or groups 1 fisherman- $400, 2 fisherman- $600, 3 fisherman- $800, 4 fisherman- $1,000







Limited License Application Deadline in April

Colorado* Important! If you were born after Jan. 1, 1949, you must have a current
NRA-approved hunter safety Certificate to purchase a hunting license in the state of Colorado.



NR Youth

Turkey (Spring)




Bull Elk




Cow Elk



Mule Deer




Black Bear




Rocky Mountain Bighorn



Rocky Mountain Goat






Fishing Annual



Fishing 5 Day



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Habitat Stamp



Please note: The above License fees may not reflect increases made after December 16, 2021.